Tuesday, 27 January 2009

injections, laughter and other such things

so tomorrow is my next trigger point injections, (bad times) but tonight im going to see Russell Brand (good times) but afterwards my ribs will undoubtedly be painful from all the laughing (bad times, again)

In other news 15 replies to the survey which is quite good, hopefully will get more over the next few days

will post again in the morning whilst doing the usual 'no eating before anaesthetic' thing.... no matter how much i eat before hand im always hungry again later!


Monday, 26 January 2009

Didn't sleep, surveys and more


So I didn't sleep last night, I don't think it was particularly because of my ribs because they weren't being terrible. I do find that lack of sleep or being tired does aggrevate this sometimes.

So now I'm tired, but I have just looked to see if anyone has completed the survey and so far 6 people have. The survey has been online less than 24 hours so I'm quite pleased with that! Hopefully lots more people will fill it in soon.

I'm finding it really interesting reading people's results because the condition seems to vary so much from person to person. Also most people seem to suffer with it more on their right side, whereas mine is on my left side. I hope the survey replies keep coming in because i'm getting some really interesting results!


been posting links...

So I've posted links to this site and the survey all over the internet, I hope someone sees!

Going to bed now, I'm in quite a lot of pain rib wise, but im sure its just because my body knows its getting another round of injections on wednesday!


Charlie x

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tietze's/ costochondritis survey


Hey I decided to get this survey going so I can find out some more info for the website, if you could take the time to fill it in that would be great! Hopefully will get some interesting results!


Working towards a website

It's so important to get other people's input on this site, I have had the idea of collecting as many people's stories, treatment ideas and info as possible to be put into a website to help people who are newly diagnosed, or just looking for information.

As many of you probably know, it is really hard to find info online about this condition!

If you have anything you'd like me to include in the website, or would like to help out please email me on charlie_coombes@hotmail.com or comment below!


Charlie x

Heat Patches

So Deep heat patches are (I think) one of the best ways to keep Tietze's and Costochondritis under control.

Heat seems to work really well at soothing aches and pains. I swear these things have got me through difficult days so many times.

They stay hot for about 6-8 hours, they don't smell and can stick discreetly to your skin under your clothes

I would thoroughly recommend trying them if you havn't already!!!


The "things which make my pain worse" list!

thought I'd post a list of stuff that makes my pain worse, would love to know if these things make it worse for other people!


Running and other exercise!
Laughing lots
Breathing in cold air (this might be the worst pain cause for me!)
walking far
breathing deeply
driving a long way
carrying heavy things

and some other stuff, I'll probably add to the list!

So what makes it bad for you?


Sorry for the neglect!!!

So I did set out for this to be an awesome powerhouse of Tietzes experience and info, obviously I completely forgot about this page!

But my best friend has just been diagnosed with Costochondritis, and it reminded me of this page, so all this week I'm going to update this and as long as I have Tietze's I promise I'll continue to update!


p.s: oh I'm having more injections into my chest on wednesday, whether they will work, who knows!?