Thursday, 31 December 2009

An Update...

I've been mentally busy lately but here's a quick update!

Tietzes is still an issue for me, the cold weather has made it alot worse. My advice to all sufferers is wrap up warm before you venture out in the cold!

I feel that doctors are just offering me the same drugs, injections etc, and for me they don't work. They may work for others though!

Heat is my biggest and most sucessful weapon against Tietzes, especially for kids I would reccomend those cuddly toys you can microwave, they really help and are cute at the same time!!!

My pain is still primarily on my right side, but I have been noticing twinges on my left side more and more lately!

Hope all followers are ok and I'm sorry I haven't been aorund to answer questions etc, I'm going to message osme people now!