Friday, 5 March 2010

3 years this week...

Hi all,

This week marks the 3rd Anniversary of my Tietze's starting, and I still have a lot of pain, and I've tried all sorts of things for the pain, most having little to no effect on the pain.

But the last few weeks I have been sleeping on a memory foam matress topper. And I am finding it a lot less painful to lie on my side, I don't wake myself up when I roll onto my ribs, I am sleeping much better and I don't wake up in the morning feeling like I have been punched in the chest!

So anyone that has sleep related troubles thanks to Tietzes should maybe look into one of these mattress toppers/ matresses, because it could give you some much needed relief!

Only thing I would say is that the foam the mattresses are made of do seem to hold heat and whilst its nice being all cosy and warm at this time of year, in a few months when the weather is much warmer it might make my bed into a bit of an oven!

But definitely worth trying out! I got my 3 inch thick mattress topper from Amazon for about £60, you can get some really good, expensive ones, but I can't afford that!!

Oh for those that are asking, I do update this, oocasionally! I am going to try to update this once a month, but no promises!!


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  1. Hi Charlie,

    So sorry to hear that you still have this condition! Ugg! So not cool. I passed my 3 year mark recently as well.

    Hope you get the new job!


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